Just a big thank you for organising and delivering another excellent and well received course. Best wishes


Just wanted to thank you for arranging this training day. Jim’s presentation is excellent - very engaging and logical. Probably the best trainer I’ve heard. I’ll definitely recommend other volunteers to attend if the opportunity arises. Thanks


Many thanks for organising the above which I attended today. Very impressive presentation by Jim Foster - interesting, instructive and entertaining - I think I learned more about Emergency First Aid than I thought was possible in just a few hours. Jim certainly didn’t let us fall asleep and the practical exercises were particularly useful. Best regards


Thank you very much for facilitating today’s First Aid Course: inevitably, my job – particularly in the last 20 years – demanded I kept up to date with several of these and I can honestly say that Jim was by far the best trainer I have ever had! He gave a lot of essential information in an authoritative but light-hearted style which ensures we learnt “stuff”; the breaks into practical work were excellent and, again, promoted learning. I am happy to give any recommendation. With many thanks


Thank you arranging the first aid course. Jim’s down to earth approach to teaching was just what I needed to get the old brain cells working. It is rather heart warming to be told that the experts are coming to the conclusion that perhaps the old ways were best. Best regards