Practical Moving & Handling Courses

We offer a moving and handling course over one day, preferably in the Carer’s work setting.  It is not necessary to have any previous training to do this course.  We offer lots of hands on practical skills where everyone gets a go at moving and handling people in all kinds of situations at home, when out, and in hospitals and care homes.

This course is suitable for all health and social care professionals, i.e. staff in care homes, agency nursing staff, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, health practitioners, paramedics, teachers and home carers.

The moving and handling courses carried out by First Aid for You in the South East cover:

  • Basic A&P (Anatomy and Physiology)
  • Back Care awareness
  • Risk Assessment using either TILE or ELITE mnemonics
  • PRACTICAL use of equipment as used by the participant
  • Updates as required
  • AED (Defibrillator) and the use of Auto Injectors (Epi Pen) is included

Our courses are designed to be flexible so if you are in the South East and would like a moving and handling course tailored for you, at a venue of your own choice, please contact us.

Moving and handling training is essential, it goes on every day, from hoists, to bed, moving and handling from taxis to toilets, there are so many ways where the right methods of moving and handling prevents injuries to both carers and service users and familiarises and updates service providers with all the appropriate tools and equipment, the latest guidance and the legal ramifications of moving and handling in the right and wrong ways.

Get the latest moving and handling information from Jim, your friendly trainer.