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Bespoke First Aid Training in the South East

First Aid for You is designed to give our clients the opportunity to plan their own first aid course that covers their exact needs.  We offer up to date, fun filled and informative first Aid Training in Sussex, Kent and Surrey.  We can arrange the first aid course to fulfil both your needs and meet the requirements of the HSE / OFSTED.

Flexible, Affordable, First Aid Training For All

We aim to give clients the best possible first aid training, and make it flexible and affordable - and enjoyable - with lively and informative sessions, with lots of opportunities to put into practice skills learned in the course, so that candidates feel confident and able to deal with any problem that may come up using the most up to date methods of First Aid in any crisis situation.

Contact us to find out what First Aid courses are available in your local area.

Laugh and learn - when you enjoy your training, you remember your First Aid, when you need to apply it.

First Aid on Site

Save a life in industrial or work situations

First Aid for Carers

Courses for Care Home and Agency Workers

First Aid at Home

Parents/Relatives First Aid for all emergencies

Our First Aid Training Pilosophy is always:

Participate ... Enjoy ... Learn ...!

...Quality First Aid training provides the participants with enhanced confidence to ACT appropriately in a crisis:

Assess ... Communicate ... Save Lives!


We offer Flexible and Affordable Training

Training is arranged around your schedules so that we can accommodate all your staff. This flexibility allows you to carry on your business yet enables the training to happen with as little inconvenience as possible to you or those being trained.

This also reduces the overall cost of the training yet maintains the quality and quantity, making it more affordable!

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The skills to save lives are in your hands...call us today!