First Aid for Therapists

Based on the Emergency First Aid at Work course it is orientated toward the incidents which a Therapist may encounter. The trainer for this course will be a Therapist and a First Aid Trainer who is familiar with the requirements therapists have, around Sussex, Surrey and Kent.  Courses for First Aid for Therapists courses take place around the South East or we can arrange a course at a venue to suit you.

In any situation where a therapist is treating a patient, certification of First Aid is required for your insurance purposes and your Certificate will cover you for three years.

First Aid for Situations in the Therapy Room

A posed question from a previous course run for Sports Massage Therapists, who were also undertaking an Osteopathy Degree:

"The client is on their back on the plinth (Massage couch) while you undertake a manipulation of their lower leg/ankle when you notice they do not respond to your question. You place the leg down and go to their head and shake their shoulder gently but they do not respond... you call for help but no one answers - you cannot leave them - they are on their back and as are unconscious could their tongue fall to the back of their throat?"

Many other unexpected situations might occur during therapy where a patient would need your assistance.  Patients could suffer a heart attack, fall, fracture, stroke, or burns, and this course ensures that therapists can cope alone if necessary before medical backup arrives.

  • AED (Defibrillator) and the use of Auto Injectors (Epi Pen) is included

The course also covers Fainting after a therapy and an Anaphylactic reaction to something in the therapy room.

If you live in the South East and would like to attend a course for First Aid for Therapists please give us a call.

First Aid for therapists courses are held around Sussex, Kent and Surrey.