First Aid for Social Care Workers

Based on the Emergency First Aid at Work Course. The trainer for this course will be experienced in working in and/or training the carers and nurses in the Social Care environment.  There are plenty of courses around the South East arranged for users from multiple services - please call for details.

First Aid for Home Carers

We also offer First Aid Courses for the Social Care Environment at your own home care situation we are happy to work with groups in a large room if you have one available. Many care homes are able to use their dining room, lounge or conservatory for this purpose and this is quite suitable for our needs.  We are happy to stagger or repeat these First Aid courses at your convenience as with staff working shifts we know that it is not always possible for all staff to attend at once.

First Aid training for the social care situation deals particularly with the following:

  • slips/trips/falls
  • actions necessary before the Nurse on duty arrives on discovering a collapsed Service User.
  • actions necessary when there is not a nurse on duty on discovering a collapsed Service User.
  • AED (Defibrillator) and the use of Auto Injectors (Epi Pen) is included

First Aid Courses for the Social Care Environment held in the South East are full of hands on opportunities i.e. for various types of bandage for different situations and we bring Annie, our First Aid CPR doll so that everyone gets a chance to practice and get confident with chest compressions.

First Aid for the Social Care Environment enables people to deal with any crisis and you can attend our first aid courses for social care in Sussex, Kent and Surrey.