Save your child’s life in an emergency! A baby choking is every parent’s nightmare, or a nursery worker’s.

When there isn’t time to think, you will know how to act by taking a first aid course designed around the needs of parents, grandparents or nursery workers.

First Aid Courses for Parents, grandparents and nursery staff will give you confidence in any situation where your children and babies (or other people’s) are in danger that you can deal with an emergency and keep a child alive until help arrives.  

Homes can be hazardous places and although you might have made every effort to ensure safety for children in the home you know the unexpected will always happen and there are significant differences for treating small people as opposed to adults.  CPR for babies is different to adult CPR and swallowed objects, splinters and even dehydration can be much more dramatic and difficult to treat when your patient is wriggling around or is busy screaming fit to bust when you’re trying to apply first aid!

So call us to see how we can provide first aid courses for parents, grandparents and nursery staff, or any local children’s group such as Sunday schools, children’s holiday clubs or toddler groups.